Monday, 6 September 2010

Spirit filled!!!!

oh boy! e don tee o....warapen sef? plenty water don pass under bridge i tell ya. stories ti poju! hmmm!ok need not be said that i love my self a lot, as i find too much pleasure ranting about me myself and i. But pls!#itIsMyBlog....inint? he he! ok ok...obviously iv gotten nothing precisely to blog about. But if you know me wella, that's normal jare.
well im happy!! had a beautiful summer,lol...i still am at the moment jare but please #DntJealousMe. Many many reasons why this summer has been blissful o! One of which i would like to discuss is 'nw im found' lol. Omo! iv being lost oh...i don waka far away meen. Thank you Jesus,cause #HeSavedMe. And so like a child, this holiday i went curdling God's feet. Now i feel super human, close to God i mean. Holy spirit filled, everything everything...feels just right to grow in the Lord oh!.
Let me take you down the lane. It started up with my yearning to speak in tongues. As i felt that was needed meen! Plus lets face facts, it just sounds cool. So i walked up to me pastor and told him this. And the guy just fell my hand like that oh. As in i have always thought you needed to be touched before one could start blowing tongues. But hell no! he asked me to simply fast for like 3 days and hold onto God for the ability. And GBAM!!! that was it. For one, the lesson i learnt from this was you really dont need no pastor jare, we are soldiers in Christ! So open ya mouth and hands and hold God till he answers oh. And like T.I though according to his will #YouCanHaveWhateverYouLike....
Its been super!! i feel like a brand new baby meen!
So to seal the I now take my Christian journey like extra serious! repeating modules prayer 101, devotion 508 and Sermon 307....all prerequisites to excelling oh. I started up with more serious devotions, digging into the word while reading #OpenHeavens devotional book. And then praying like so lots, well hopefully sha! this prayer one hard small. But what i try to do is to lean not on my own understanding but to ask God for his will before taking my decisions sha. The most interesting module thou is listening to sermons, i watch TBN channel like often. I try too sha!, lol And then on Sundays, the Nigerian pastors. My best being Tunde Bakare..that man is hot meen! his sermons make me feel like some bible scholar o! #TooGbaski....
ok ok! im long thin! just try and be like Consciously walk on God's foot prints and feed your eyes, ears and mind with good good things. Ok ok! #ThatIsAll...story mi ti poju.
remain blessed! filling so sisterly shey..
ciao sha, catch ya soonest.

Tuesday, 15 June 2010


Right! so i have being with cold frozen feet as thou some lion was here on my blog scaring the hell out of poor me. But today im blissfully here and i'll just dedicate that to being bored outta my mind, lol. But yeah yeah its all good. Imma make lemonade outta ma lemons. And turn my boredom to cash...LMAO! Feeling so lot like a columnist when ever im know,like some editor of them famous magazine say OK or LOOK..hehe! always im blank but would soon be full of words yet again. Ok so me me me!!! whats up with me at mo...Yesterday morning right up till this moment i have been in and out of mixed emotions. Say at the verge of liking some one yet again *sighs*. After a wise one once told, BABES!! GUYS DONT GROW TO LOVE OH! ITS EITHER THEY LIKE YOU OR THEY DONT...EXPECT THAT plus another wise saying SHIT HAPPENS!!!
And mehn! this is all so sad for me as all my life (lol) i have just being liking and then hating them. Normal phenomena for girls thou, to like and like...but boy! i have told and warned me myself to stop. How sad life could be sometimes, one just sits up there yeah thinking of some guy that doesn't really care about you in that light. Or simply but harshly put HE IS NOT JUST INTO YOU. Well and then at other times when you are probably lost in the thought of the him...another him that you yourself don't give a shit about texts you or more sadly even happens to bear the caller ID of your now ringing phone. And you just have to mscheeew to this happenings! Gosh!..and all this roller coaster will just keep keeping on till that very day you get to the chapter of your life where Romeo meets Juilet and ecstatically you both are on the same page of your books. And even more delightedly, on the same LINE reading Yes I like you and Oh you like me right back too..LOL.
So Enough is enough of dreaming for me. And this present crush that poor Dami so bears now would by God's grace be the last. My campaign 'Say No To Crushes' So imma stop harbouring this kinda feeling no more. So last night i threw them off 3rd mainland bridge yeah..literally oh!! And believe me imma just be with me myself and God, allowing the holy spirit walk through me daily directing my path to the light of people with good influence like the him i so speak of and to others i can be of good influence to. Thus living a purposeful life and growing to the perfect one for Christ and the perfect one for my own perfect MR too, to share the perfect days with. So it doesn't matter how long he waits to come...but at God's time I know he will. Till then imma keep my beautiful self slim..selzy has muss as i can and yeah yeah keeping my heart beautiful too in the path of G O D meen...
So one day imma read this when im all grown thinking wow! Dami...were you ever on this page. Awwww!! Cause you know what yeah! no need to be all emotional. Cause it only means you are not meant to be with that him and not cause you are not good enough for the bloke. Hell no!! Who says he is good enough for you even.LOL Dont take it P thou cause its not his fault he is not on the same page with you. SHIT JUST HAPPENS!!!lol

one love...iLove blogs
catch ya soon...blissful days y'all

Thursday, 3 June 2010

War ra U sayin?

so do i fill blank when i come here...n im like oya!lets blog Dami. And meen just as thou them blank page dislikes me oh it so scraps all possible thoughts from my beautiful mind jare. But darn! imma write today whether i have something, one thing or nothing to say...hehe Hmm, bang! i think i have got it. NaijaIsh...u know what yeah, i have never been more happy since the movie Jenifa came out. It was like my saving grace...lolz. That is, u knw, its lik,e i mean...those of us with the struggle to speak proper English...LMAO. But really ehn! it was just long things jare...English for me is for essays and exmas and then as we write on micro soft word nowadays, darris just my aid...spelling check toh bad! And then the beautiful fascinating naija stlye aka swag of talking and writing. That is just the ish jare.
U so feel the vibes of conversations on twiiter or any where, umm! BBM and just any IMs jor! when you write like you speak...saying stuffs like ahn ahn! joor o! nko? all born out of the bang of mainstream of Jenifa's ways. My God...its been so much fun since Jenifa came out. And just to add anyone that has not seen this movie at this day is a dead somebody..lolz. But really you just have to be living under some rock not to have jor.
All these reminds me so of the movie 'brown sugar' where synonymous attributes of music hip hop, rap and the like were used to describe the love life of someone. Same ni for we naija ways of talking...its like this: First we was fine with our fore father's then the mainstream of queens English stole the hearts of all...and bang just as its different when "You love someone but then truthfullly You are rather in love with another"...thats why the Jenifa style just so easily gripped our everything. And now its like when you even speaking so much English sef it just feels like "come babe e zit not ok, ahn ahn! warris it...are we not all go to school...speak the one wen know jo"and darris the (Wa ra u saying?) ish.
Same way i feel when i hear some new way of talking...and im like...darn! i dont know that....i crave to get the meaning so fast. Reminds me of when i din know what underG meant. Meen! to flow with us naija's you just have to know ni...else u r dead o!
And yeah we so get all our (Wa ra U saying?) from what ever jare. A new song or anything even. Ok, once again ehn! story mi ti poju...4geera bout it? and how Tpain sings "WE LOVE RAP MUSIC"..imma just rap "WE LOVE NAIJA ISH" either us or we like (Wa ra U sayin?) lolz
Well so imma just give a run down of them words and saying's....soon :D.
and again mwwaaah iLove blogs.

Wednesday, 2 June 2010


talked yet again with my darling one last night. me like this dude so very muss. just so easy to flow with. And yeah definitely he is sure so God! humour freak toh bad. The kind of one that you will be mad with and ranting on him even...but sadly you will just find yourself laughing yet again. "I HATE THE WAY I LOVE YOU" them song was inspired by one of his kind. Well well, you now be so! she done fall in love..aka me the no boyfriend babe. Well no like i like the guy. I just so wish i went to the same school with him and we was like best friends oh something.
Story mi ti po ju seh! in a rap! i just send the Mr to pieces sha...#HeRemindsMeOf M.I another i'll still blog about. Reasons being that...LOL they are both witty and well well short (aww!) i don't like saying this to Debo sha..but na true jo.
So last night he told me about only one that he has liked....that still gets me thinking! how ironic you kown..the dude talks and raps girls so could even call him the LADIES MAN. caring boy ni Debo jo...but sadly or better still happily he doesn't just take all them girls to heart. But is only attracted by a few...LOL one sef...meen! that girl berra be a fine babe oh...else! imma KILL HER jo..stealing my baby's heart like that.
Hmm! now here is the funny twist to my story of my darling Debo....i meet him online! darn..that sounds wrong seh..LOL well things happen. This is the full gist. So on this beauriful day yeah! i added my family friend's boy friend on facebook...(another story) a guy my 6th sense tells me is wonderful and the perfect somebody for my family friend. So as usual yeah! i was doing aproko on my family friend's boyfriend facebook page...pischores and then his notes. There it was 100 God! i found the note hilarious...and i commented...praising the dude. And then this anonymous guy (turned DeboYou) now commented and said..."Deyo see tripping" that was just it. iLoved that move...i like people hating on so i was like ok nau! send yours make i trip too. And bla bla...we started talking. And nau! im addicted to him like sum hard drug oh...
So Debo...just to let you know brov! me i send you die..and imma be there for you as you wanni...rain, fire, sunshine..all join..

Tuesday, 1 June 2010


reading over my last blog...i felt the urge to talk in the light of boy friend imagination. Hmm! an issue every normal girl would think about jo (lemme jo). And for me this issue is my sensitive one and im always in the thought of it. i'll just sit there, up on my bed, duvet around me holding my pillows firmly as thou (umm! u knw)... and again the flashes, those being a beautiful day on the beach yeah yeah the stereotype nija movie ish firstly and then my personal delight...naught tins (:D). and that is the prologue of a new book. my naughty thoughts. they come in different scenes, most of which i wouldn't b saying in details or at all even...:P they are basically spartacus!!! hmm..u knw doin tins in weird places n all. well not d main underG as im not a proper fan of dat but just setting up sensually intense reaching up the sky and suddenly drowning in some sea....
anyhu! im just saying...i really have beautiful thoughts of love and pray it happens even better than i imagine. im not moved so lots by a perfect somembody as there's nada of such but one whom i can spend the perfect days with.
And like every normal girl however, i so have things that thrill me.Those which were born of series of fantasies and well hollywood lurv stories (you knw the P).
*i'ld love a guy who is into some sort of technical ish (aka engineering)
*one who is funny..darn i'ld grip you mind in that light..
*caring in all things...gladiator ish(many rounds as i want) and gives me enough attention
*loves me to bits...more than i do..
*doesnt give me all emotions...and then i would have to fetch for the bone as thou im his dog (iLike)
*spark for God but then is socially on point
*shares his soul with friends...even when he likes another's boobie he tells (hmm!)
ok...bla bla bla
i just finished my exams and im tired when i get rested i'll b back
mwwaaah!! iLove blogs


ok so im here finally, yaai!!! iv had this blog opened for months if not years even, i really dun knw jo. cause i so love writing and every other day lines often come to my head..sensual as a kiss. lol cause there and then im smiling as thou my boyfriend touched me. (dun worry im nt dat mad yet) Hmm! speaking of which iv got none. well i really dont have any particular issue to write about at the moment but then diz is an icebreaker and hopefully iv taken charge of my fears to express. Or better still my laziness. Cause me myself and i thou shy in the terms of relating physically to folks im a contrast of that im my world of words. anyhu! trust me dat u'll b getin loads to read here sha.
My God! so i recently joined twitter yeah and its being massive fun. A place for me to finally pour out my thoughts as they come. sense and nonsense, all join jo. Im so naughty sometimes and that i only express in words at the moment cause as i said earlier me got no boyfriend. Wow! writing here sure fills good. i just feel like some magazine columnist right now.
Ok so im here y' out *evil :D* lol