Tuesday, 1 June 2010


ok so im here finally, yaai!!! iv had this blog opened for months if not years even, i really dun knw jo. cause i so love writing and every other day lines often come to my head..sensual as a kiss. lol cause there and then im smiling as thou my boyfriend touched me. (dun worry im nt dat mad yet) Hmm! speaking of which iv got none. well i really dont have any particular issue to write about at the moment but then diz is an icebreaker and hopefully iv taken charge of my fears to express. Or better still my laziness. Cause me myself and i thou shy in the terms of relating physically to folks im a contrast of that im my world of words. anyhu! trust me dat u'll b getin loads to read here sha.
My God! so i recently joined twitter yeah and its being massive fun. A place for me to finally pour out my thoughts as they come. sense and nonsense, all join jo. Im so naughty sometimes and that i only express in words at the moment cause as i said earlier me got no boyfriend. Wow! writing here sure fills good. i just feel like some magazine columnist right now.
Ok so im here y'all...watch out *evil :D* lol


  1. Welcome hun.....looking forward to your tweets n your blogs... :) u can visit mine at www.gisdotcom.blogspot.com......

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  3. thanx.. u on twitter yeah ff @bootyliciousfOX