Tuesday, 15 June 2010


Right! so i have being with cold frozen feet as thou some lion was here on my blog scaring the hell out of poor me. But today im blissfully here and i'll just dedicate that to being bored outta my mind, lol. But yeah yeah its all good. Imma make lemonade outta ma lemons. And turn my boredom to cash...LMAO! Feeling so lot like a columnist when ever im here...you know,like some editor of them famous magazine say OK or LOOK..hehe! Anyhu...as always im blank but would soon be full of words yet again. Ok so me me me!!! whats up with me at mo...Yesterday morning right up till this moment i have been in and out of mixed emotions. Say at the verge of liking some one yet again *sighs*. After a wise one once told, BABES!! GUYS DONT GROW TO LOVE OH! ITS EITHER THEY LIKE YOU OR THEY DONT...EXPECT THAT plus another wise saying SHIT HAPPENS!!!
And mehn! this is all so sad for me as all my life (lol) i have just being liking and then hating them. Normal phenomena for girls thou, to like and like...but boy! i have told and warned me myself to stop. How sad life could be sometimes, one just sits up there yeah thinking of some guy that doesn't really care about you in that light. Or simply but harshly put HE IS NOT JUST INTO YOU. Well and then at other times when you are probably lost in the thought of the him...another him that you yourself don't give a shit about texts you or more sadly even happens to bear the caller ID of your now ringing phone. And you just have to mscheeew to this happenings! Gosh!..and all this roller coaster will just keep keeping on till that very day you get to the chapter of your life where Romeo meets Juilet and ecstatically you both are on the same page of your books. And even more delightedly, on the same LINE reading Yes I like you and Oh you like me right back too..LOL.
So Enough is enough of dreaming for me. And this present crush that poor Dami so bears now would by God's grace be the last. My campaign 'Say No To Crushes' So imma stop harbouring this kinda feeling no more. So last night i threw them off 3rd mainland bridge yeah..literally oh!! And believe me imma just be with me myself and God, allowing the holy spirit walk through me daily directing my path to the light of people with good influence like the him i so speak of and to others i can be of good influence to. Thus living a purposeful life and growing to the perfect one for Christ and the perfect one for my own perfect MR too, to share the perfect days with. So it doesn't matter how long he waits to come...but at God's time I know he will. Till then imma keep my beautiful self slim..selzy has muss as i can and yeah yeah keeping my heart beautiful too in the path of G O D meen...
So one day imma read this when im all grown thinking wow! Dami...were you ever on this page. Awwww!! Cause you know what yeah! no need to be all emotional. Cause it only means you are not meant to be with that him and not cause you are not good enough for the bloke. Hell no!! Who says he is good enough for you even.LOL Dont take it P thou cause its not his fault he is not on the same page with you. SHIT JUST HAPPENS!!!lol

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catch ya soon...blissful days y'all