Monday, 6 September 2010

Spirit filled!!!!

oh boy! e don tee o....warapen sef? plenty water don pass under bridge i tell ya. stories ti poju! hmmm!ok need not be said that i love my self a lot, as i find too much pleasure ranting about me myself and i. But pls!#itIsMyBlog....inint? he he! ok ok...obviously iv gotten nothing precisely to blog about. But if you know me wella, that's normal jare.
well im happy!! had a beautiful summer,lol...i still am at the moment jare but please #DntJealousMe. Many many reasons why this summer has been blissful o! One of which i would like to discuss is 'nw im found' lol. Omo! iv being lost oh...i don waka far away meen. Thank you Jesus,cause #HeSavedMe. And so like a child, this holiday i went curdling God's feet. Now i feel super human, close to God i mean. Holy spirit filled, everything everything...feels just right to grow in the Lord oh!.
Let me take you down the lane. It started up with my yearning to speak in tongues. As i felt that was needed meen! Plus lets face facts, it just sounds cool. So i walked up to me pastor and told him this. And the guy just fell my hand like that oh. As in i have always thought you needed to be touched before one could start blowing tongues. But hell no! he asked me to simply fast for like 3 days and hold onto God for the ability. And GBAM!!! that was it. For one, the lesson i learnt from this was you really dont need no pastor jare, we are soldiers in Christ! So open ya mouth and hands and hold God till he answers oh. And like T.I though according to his will #YouCanHaveWhateverYouLike....
Its been super!! i feel like a brand new baby meen!
So to seal the I now take my Christian journey like extra serious! repeating modules prayer 101, devotion 508 and Sermon 307....all prerequisites to excelling oh. I started up with more serious devotions, digging into the word while reading #OpenHeavens devotional book. And then praying like so lots, well hopefully sha! this prayer one hard small. But what i try to do is to lean not on my own understanding but to ask God for his will before taking my decisions sha. The most interesting module thou is listening to sermons, i watch TBN channel like often. I try too sha!, lol And then on Sundays, the Nigerian pastors. My best being Tunde Bakare..that man is hot meen! his sermons make me feel like some bible scholar o! #TooGbaski....
ok ok! im long thin! just try and be like Consciously walk on God's foot prints and feed your eyes, ears and mind with good good things. Ok ok! #ThatIsAll...story mi ti poju.
remain blessed! filling so sisterly shey..
ciao sha, catch ya soonest.