Thursday, 3 June 2010

War ra U sayin?

so do i fill blank when i come here...n im like oya!lets blog Dami. And meen just as thou them blank page dislikes me oh it so scraps all possible thoughts from my beautiful mind jare. But darn! imma write today whether i have something, one thing or nothing to say...hehe Hmm, bang! i think i have got it. NaijaIsh...u know what yeah, i have never been more happy since the movie Jenifa came out. It was like my saving grace...lolz. That is, u knw, its lik,e i mean...those of us with the struggle to speak proper English...LMAO. But really ehn! it was just long things jare...English for me is for essays and exmas and then as we write on micro soft word nowadays, darris just my aid...spelling check toh bad! And then the beautiful fascinating naija stlye aka swag of talking and writing. That is just the ish jare.
U so feel the vibes of conversations on twiiter or any where, umm! BBM and just any IMs jor! when you write like you speak...saying stuffs like ahn ahn! joor o! nko? all born out of the bang of mainstream of Jenifa's ways. My God...its been so much fun since Jenifa came out. And just to add anyone that has not seen this movie at this day is a dead somebody..lolz. But really you just have to be living under some rock not to have jor.
All these reminds me so of the movie 'brown sugar' where synonymous attributes of music hip hop, rap and the like were used to describe the love life of someone. Same ni for we naija ways of talking...its like this: First we was fine with our fore father's then the mainstream of queens English stole the hearts of all...and bang just as its different when "You love someone but then truthfullly You are rather in love with another"...thats why the Jenifa style just so easily gripped our everything. And now its like when you even speaking so much English sef it just feels like "come babe e zit not ok, ahn ahn! warris it...are we not all go to school...speak the one wen know jo"and darris the (Wa ra u saying?) ish.
Same way i feel when i hear some new way of talking...and im like...darn! i dont know that....i crave to get the meaning so fast. Reminds me of when i din know what underG meant. Meen! to flow with us naija's you just have to know ni...else u r dead o!
And yeah we so get all our (Wa ra U saying?) from what ever jare. A new song or anything even. Ok, once again ehn! story mi ti poju...4geera bout it? and how Tpain sings "WE LOVE RAP MUSIC"..imma just rap "WE LOVE NAIJA ISH" either us or we like (Wa ra U sayin?) lolz
Well so imma just give a run down of them words and saying's....soon :D.
and again mwwaaah iLove blogs.

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