Wednesday, 2 June 2010


talked yet again with my darling one last night. me like this dude so very muss. just so easy to flow with. And yeah definitely he is sure so God! humour freak toh bad. The kind of one that you will be mad with and ranting on him even...but sadly you will just find yourself laughing yet again. "I HATE THE WAY I LOVE YOU" them song was inspired by one of his kind. Well well, you now be so! she done fall in love..aka me the no boyfriend babe. Well no like i like the guy. I just so wish i went to the same school with him and we was like best friends oh something.
Story mi ti po ju seh! in a rap! i just send the Mr to pieces sha...#HeRemindsMeOf M.I another i'll still blog about. Reasons being that...LOL they are both witty and well well short (aww!) i don't like saying this to Debo sha..but na true jo.
So last night he told me about only one that he has liked....that still gets me thinking! how ironic you kown..the dude talks and raps girls so could even call him the LADIES MAN. caring boy ni Debo jo...but sadly or better still happily he doesn't just take all them girls to heart. But is only attracted by a few...LOL one sef...meen! that girl berra be a fine babe oh...else! imma KILL HER jo..stealing my baby's heart like that.
Hmm! now here is the funny twist to my story of my darling Debo....i meet him online! darn..that sounds wrong seh..LOL well things happen. This is the full gist. So on this beauriful day yeah! i added my family friend's boy friend on facebook...(another story) a guy my 6th sense tells me is wonderful and the perfect somebody for my family friend. So as usual yeah! i was doing aproko on my family friend's boyfriend facebook page...pischores and then his notes. There it was 100 God! i found the note hilarious...and i commented...praising the dude. And then this anonymous guy (turned DeboYou) now commented and said..."Deyo see tripping" that was just it. iLoved that move...i like people hating on so i was like ok nau! send yours make i trip too. And bla bla...we started talking. And nau! im addicted to him like sum hard drug oh...
So Debo...just to let you know brov! me i send you die..and imma be there for you as you wanni...rain, fire, sunshine..all join..


  1. this debo ur my chairman.....u go go atlanta just to buy handkerchief....slow down #MRCHAIRMANSIR you are a chairman debo, me sef am saying OMG.. ahn ahn one line and u got this babe all over you. nice ones.